The Blogger Edit: Sydney’s Best Spots for Ice Cream

April 29, 2017

Sydney ice cream

I’ve had the chance to make some awesome friends blogging and through this, I’ve decided to partner with my favourite bloggers to bring you a new series called ‘The Blogger Edit’. This series will focus on each blogger’s expertise based on their particular genre and how it relates to travel.

I’m super excited to bring you the first post in this series – ‘Sydney’s Best Spots for Ice Cream’ by the wonderful Debbie Hatumale. Debbie has an amazing lifestyle blog called ‘This mess called life’ and is based in Sydney. You should totally check her blog out 🙂

For now, let’s hear about Debbie’s recommendation for the best ice cream spots in Sydney – so, let’s dive in!

‘I am an expert in the ice cream space. What makes me an expert? Eating lots of it of course. 😀

I have researched, taste tested and analysed many places around Sydney, because, you know, I take this title very very seriously. Below are my top 6 ice cream places in Sydney for your eating pleasure.

1. i-Creamy

sydney ice cream

Who ever came up with this concept seriously needs to get an award. The gelato is denser (if thats a word) but still soft and malleable enough to shape in to the flower. They had this special paddle tool that allowed them to build the flower. sydney ice cream

Only certain flavours are able to be made in to the flower, so make sure you check the list at the register. I think they made a mistake with my one though, because I wanted a choc chip and mocha combo and choc chip had the green flower in the tub, but wasn’t on the list.  😀 So of course they took the green flower off after I ordered. I quite like the idea of my combo possibly being the only one of its kind 😛

You can find i-Creamy in Skyview Plaza which is at 537-551 George street in the city. 

2. Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina release new flavours so often, I can’t keep up. It’s amazeballs. My waistline hates me..

Anyway whatevs. That why we have gym memberships, right? 🙂

I haven’t been in about a month (I know right) but let’s just say I share the voicemail girl’s love.

sydney ice cream

here are a few Gelato Messina’s in Sydney. You can see which one is your closest here 🙂 

3. N2 Extreme Gelato

Their website says “We are indulgent and we make no apologies for it.”

They are also very theatrical. Their staff uniforms (or costumes) consist of stark white lab coats and safety goggles. You know the show starts when a thick cloud of liquid nitrogen fog fills the store while you are waiting for your order. Flavours enter and exit stage right every fortnight, sharing the spotlight each week. N2 is hidden in an alley that isn’t open to traffic in Chinatown, so if your lost, look for groups of people sitting on the fake grass. Though, people still need to get home, so be careful when sitting on the floor – cars will still pass through.

sydney ice cream

You can go and see N2 Gelato’s “show” at their two spots – in the city and in Newtown. They also have a store’s in Victoria – in Fitzroy and Melbourne. See here for more details. 

4. Aqua S

It looks like a cloud, doesn’t it? It’s not though, it’s fairy floss.

And you’re probably not accustomed to seeing pastel coloured ice cream. It’s totally their thing. Their known for their “sea salt” flavour which is this pastel blue one floating in it’s cloud.

sydney ice cream

Aqua S is growing in Sydney, with three spots to get your *cloud* fix. I was in the city when I discovered it. See details here 🙂

5. The MaxJoy Co

Okay you’ve probably heard about place getters 1 – 4, but probably not number 5. The Max Joy Co is in Eastwood, which is about 30 mins away from the city. I only know of it because Eastwood was my hood in uni days, and Merv loves everything Japanese. These guys have a Yuzu flavoured ice cream and and it’s awesome.

Yuzu is a Japanese fruit that is a mix between mandarin, lemon and tangerine. Because it’s imported and can be expensive, to get the Yuzu flavor usually means getting the bottled stuff. However, Max Joy Co sources it directly from Kochi Perfecture, Japan. It’s so yum.

Sydney ice cream

Hang out in Eastwood, see more details here 🙂

6. Classic Treats Ice Cream Truck

I love that nostalgic feeling that you get when you hear greensleeves coming up the street. Don’t you? So number 6 isn’t an icecream spot exactly. But it comes to you, well, if you’re lucky!

We were actually close to having these guys at our wedding. We opted for a food truck instead. There is just something about the chocolate dipped soft serve, nuts and the flake. I’m totally a child again.

Sydney ice cream

Classic Treats may just turn up in our street one day. But if you want to see where they may be, you can ask them here 🙂 

So, have I missed any? Do you think my top 6 needs work? Have you tried all of these? Let me know, I’m so up for more dessert “testing” :D’


If you loved this post, then check out the rest of Debbie’s blog at ‘This Mess Called Life’.

Until next time,

C x