The Blogger Edit: How to Stay Fit and Healthy While on Holiday

June 3, 2017

fit and healthy while on holiday

I’ve had the chance to make some awesome friends blogging and through this, I’ve decided to partner with my favourite bloggers to bring you a new series called ‘The Blogger Edit’. This series will focus on each blogger’s expertise based on their particular genre and how it relates to travel. For this edition, I’ve decided to interview some of my favourite health and fitness gurus on what they love about blogging, as well as what their tips for staying fit and healthy while on holiday. So, if you want to enjoy your holiday (minus the extra couple of carefree pounds), then I totally suggest that you keep reading.

Worked extra hard to get that summer bod for your holiday? Don’t let the hard work go to waste! Check out the awesome tips on how to stay fit and healthy on your next holiday below!

Faith, Go Simply Fit –

fit and healthy while on holiday

Faith Barbare is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of South Carolina. Faith’s passion for fitness began with a desire to change herself. Inspired by the fitness goals she was able to accomplish after hiring a personal trainer, she started her career in personal training. She also runs a super informative blog to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Here’s what Faith thought about blogging and her tips on holiday health and fitness –

C: Why are you so passionate about health and fitness?

Faith: After beginning my own fitness journey, I saw the impact it had on my life, and I wanted to share this passion with others. I found confidence through my transformation. I realized that despite being a full-time working mother, my health didn’t have to take a back seat. I’ve taken control of my health, and it’s improved all aspects of my life.

C: How would you describe your ‘blogging vision’ ?

Faith: My blog is designed to give people the knowledge to take control of their health and fitness. It also shows that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it all. Through sharing adversities I’ve encountered in my life, I have gained the trust of my audience.

C: Where was your last holiday?

Faith: Our last holiday was spent visiting family and friends in Greenville, SC for Easter.

C: Do you have any tips for readers on how to eat clean and stay fit whilst on holiday?

Faith: While traveling it’s easy to get off track, but with a few tricks, you can enjoy your vacation while not derailing your progress. I always tell my clients to enjoy themselves on vacation, but stay mindful. When ordering a meal, ask to have half of it boxed before you start to eat. Save the other half for your next meal. Controlling your portions can make a huge difference. If you are at a buffet style family dinner, only serve small portions of each item, or pick a few favorites and only eat a normal portion size of those items. When you’re full, stop eating. There is no reason you have to clear the plate. Also, plan out snacks so you’re not running to get fast food every time you have a craving. Make sure your snacks are filling to help you stay on track.

Kelly, My Found Health –

fit and healthy while on holiday

Kelly is a wife and mum of two preteens who works full time all while balancing some series autoimmune diseases. Kelly runs a blog called ‘My Found Health’, which shares her super inspirational journey and her discoveries both from formal education and self research. Kelly has over ten years of advice on her transformation from sick and scared of the future to a life of vibrancy and possibilities. Hear about just a few of Kelly’s tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy while on holiday below –

C: What has been your biggest blogging achievement to date?

Kelly: Since I am new to blogging, my biggest achievement to date would be the success I have had meeting other bloggers by joining blogging groups. This has helped me to understand some of the best ways to promote my blog as well as connecting for camaraderie and support along this journey.

C: How would you describe your ‘blogging vision’ ?

Kelly: I set out to tell my story in hopes to connect and inspire with others who are struggling with their health.  To show that there are other options besides just taking medicine, to help people understand that they do have control over how you feel each day.  My vision for my blog would be to someday see my journey become such a vision and inspiration that it turns into more of a “helping others” by coaching and teaching – empowerment.

C: Where was your last holiday?

Kelly: Cancun, Mexico at an all-inclusive resort.

C: Do you have any tips for readers on how to eat clean and stay fit whilst on holiday?

Kelly: The first tip I would have is to maintain your schedule.  If you normally work out early, try to keep with that schedule as closely as you can.  Many resorts have fitness centers, but if you don’t have access to one, there are many exercises you can do without a fitness center that will keep your blood flowing and keep you on a schedule.  For example, you can do floor exercises in your room.  Also, if your holiday is at the beach, try running along the beach.  Try to take the car as little as possible.

Eating clean on a holiday can pose much greater challenges.  We try to stay at places where there is a kitchen so we can make some meals.  Not everyone wants to do this or may not have this option.  If you don’t and are dining out, notify the restaurant of any dietary restrictions you may have.  Most places that are not fast food will accommodate your request.  You can’t go wrong with simply grilled protein.  You can request that the sauces and dressings go on the side.  Also, restaurants tend to serve more food that you really need to (and typically) eat, so don’t hesitate to share a meal or take some with you to go.  If you practice cooking often at home, you will be able to tell, either visually or by smell, if something is not right for you.  I can typically tell if things are cooked with butter vs. olive oil by the smell.

All-inclusive resorts are a common thing as well.  When I travel to one, such as our trips to Mexico, the foods tend to be prepared in the masses, for a buffet, and there are not a lot of options for dietary restrictions (at least for the breakfast and lunch service).  Fortunately, for breakfast, there is usually someone making custom egg orders, so I can order an egg white/veggie omelet with fruit or (if you don’t eat eggs) you could choose a bowl of oatmeal and add the toppings that suit your needs such as walnuts (gotta get those good fats!)  For my lunch, I have been lucky enough to find grilled chicken on a salad at the all-inclusive resorts. This light lunch is perfect for me because, well, who wants a heavy meal to then sit on the beach, right?  Dinners are usually more accommodating than the other meals.


Wendy, Wendy’s Way to Health

fit and healthy while on holiday

Wendy is a breakfast loving 50-something Aussie, with a mission to help others become more healthy! After improving her own health and fitness, she became a Precision Nutrition certified coach and shares all of her wonderful tips and healthy recipes on her blog. What I love most about Wendy’s Way to Health is her free breakfast challenge and awesome resources – go and check them out for yourself (you’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

C: What has been the most rewarding thing about running your own blog?

Wendy: It might sound corny and cliched, but the best thing is that I get to help people improve their health and their lifestyles. Motivating people to make simple changes and helping them to keep going and not give up on themselves is extremely rewarding.

C: How would you describe your ‘blogging vision’?

Wendy: My vision has changed over time as my business has progressed. My original plan was pretty simple – I wanted to coach women one-on-one to help them achieve their health & fitness goals. However, it didn’t take long to realise that I needed to do something different to be able to effectively reach more people. The solution I came up with is The Healthy Normal Revolution. It’s an online membership where my members have access to lots of different resources and they can use as much or as little as they need, as it suits them. I’m also on hand to answer questions and help them with their progress and they’re able to interact and help each other via the forum.

C: Where was your last holiday?

Wendy: My last holiday was actually in Tasmania, where I’m currently living. My hubby and I had a well earned break after the launch of the membership at St Helens on the beautiful Tassie east coast. It was mostly relaxing, leisurely breakfasts and exploring the surrounding beaches.

C: Do you have any tips for readers on how to eat clean and stay fit whilst on holiday?

Wendy: The best way you can eat well and continue your training whilst on holiday is to be realistic and plan ahead.
What you do exercise-wise will also depend on how long you’ll be away – if it’s a short city break, for example, you could do all of your sightseeing on foot.
If you’re planning a longer trip and you want to maintain your current fitness level, you’ll need to do some thorough research into where you’re going and if you’ll be able to access the things you need, like gym equipment, for example.
You could have a program designed that you can take with you, or find one online, that uses simple circuits, intervals and bodyweight exercises.
Sticking to good eating habits also requires planning ahead and I think you need to be realistic too. I recommend that you plan some indulgences – you’re on holiday, after all!
Self-catering accomodation that allows you to cook is always the easiest way to eat well.
Do some research before you go so you’ll know where to find restaurants and cafes that serve the type of food you want to eat.
If you have access to buffet breakfasts, avoid the pastries and take fruit with you for snacks during the day.
Forget about junk food & takeaway chains; eat at local cafes and restaurants and explore local dishes and fresh foods instead.
It’s a lot harder to be disciplined when you’re out of your regular routine so do what you can, but above all, don’t ruin your holiday feeling guilty if things don’t go according to plan. The same rules apply whether you’re at home, or on holiday: perfection is not realistic: make the best choices you can at the time and remember, tomorrow’s a new day – you get to start all over again!

Cassie, Be Forever Healthier


fit and healthy while on holiday

Cassie is in her late twenties and lives in Brisbane (Australia) with her partner, Adam, who is also her chief taste tester and tech fixerupper-er.

Along with blogging, Cassie spends her days going to the gym, looking up recipes online, making a mess in her kitchen and buying heaps of beauty products. Put simply – Be Forever Healthier is a space that Cassie created to share what works for her in the hopes it can help others on their healthy journey.

C: What was the driver for you to start your blog?

Cassie: I’ve been passionate about cooking, health and natural beauty for a long time and I found that I was reading so many blogs that all had different focuses and there wasn’t exactly one place I could get what I was looking for, so I created it! I think that the health and fitness industry can sometimes be a discouraging place for people who are trying to change their lives for the better but aren’t necessarily looking to be a fitness model or a body builder, and I wanted to create a space that was encouraging, kind, fun and most of all real!

C: How would you describe your ‘blogging vision’ ?

Cassie: My blogging vision from day one has been to provide simple ideas for my readers to live their healthiest lives.  I love helping people and I really try to keep my vision in mind whenever I post something.

C: Where was your last holiday?

Cassie: I went to Japan with my partner in November and absolutely loved every second of it.

C: Do you have any tips for readers on how to eat clean and stay fit whilst on holiday?

Cassie: I’ve got a heap of tips, here it goes!

Walk everywhere you can –  Incidental exercise is great and the bonus is that get to see much more of where you are visiting.

Stay in hotels that have gyms – It’s good to keep some routine around fitness as best you can.  You can even take some resistance bands and complete some body weight exercises from your room if a gym isn’t available.

Plan your meals for the day – e.g. if you know you are hitting the buffet for breakfast hard, plan some lighter meals for the rest of the day.

Pack healthy snacks – I’m always starving and if I don’t have healthy snacks on hand I’m much more tempted to eat easily accessible snacks like chips and chocolate.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself – You are going on a holiday to relax, explore and experience something new so try things and don’t get caught up counting calories or stressing that your meals aren’t healthy enough.  Sure, don’t eat McDonald’s for every meal.  But if you want dessert, get it.  I’m always for balance over restriction.

Susan, Myrealdish

fit and healthy while on holiday


Sue Ellen started My Real Dish to help people with food sensitivities or allergies learn to cook without gluten, dairy, and eggs. Sue Ellen suffered from body aches, chronic migraines, sinus infections, swollen throats, and stomach issues. She thought that her insomnia and anxiety were because of her busy teaching life, two kids, and a husband that traveled every week for work. In November of 2014, Sue Ellen’s doctor discovered that she had a very large benign thyroid tumor; that’s when she ordered the plethora of tests. It turns out that Sue Ellen had a high (3+) sensitivity to Wheat Germ, (2+) Egg Yolks, and moderate sensitivity to casein (the protein in dairy). I love Sue Ellen’s recipes and totally think that you should check them out!

C: What do you love about blogging?

Susan: Being creative. I love to cook and create recipes! I enjoy taking pictures when I’m traveling, but I never knew that I would like propping food pictures as well.

C: How would you describe your ‘blogging vision’ ?

Susan: Helping people learn how to bake vegan and gluten-free, and travel / live with food allergies.

C: Where was your last holiday?

Susan: February 2017, we went to Rome.

C: Do you have any tips for readers on how to eat clean and stay fit whilst on holiday?

Susan: I have heaps of tips for staying fit and healthy while on holiday, but my top two are –

Tip 1: For at least breakfast and lunch, I try to select foods that are close to what I normally eat (i.e. a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch). Eating stacks of pancakes with maple syrup and french fries with lunch by the pool daily for 7 days packs on extra pounds. I prefer to save my calories sampling local cuisine during a nice dinner.

Tip 2: Personally, I love taking a yoga or pilates class, or a walk on the beach when I’m staying on a relaxing resort vacation. However, finding ways to fit in exercise when the schedule is more hectic is a different situation. Instead of surfing the web or catching up on social in bed when I wake up, I start stretching my hips, calves, and hamstrings in bed. Then slowly sit up and stretch my upper body, chest, shoulders, neck, and arms. Next, I make an effort to do just quick simple exercises that don’t take long, wake me up, and work a lot of muscle groups at once. For example, I do some quick push-ups, planks, and squats. I also try to fit in some calf raises while I brush my teeth! Two minutes of calf raises is harder than you’d think!

I hope you liked this edition of ‘The Blogger Edit’ and have learnt about some awesome new tips to keep the pounds off whilst on holiday!If you have a particular tip for staying fit or keeping your diet on track whilst travelling, then please let us know by popping a comment below. Also, if there is a particular topic that you would love to cover within ‘The Blogger Edit’ series, then please let me know!

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