The Prettiest (and most secret) Travel Destinations in Europe

October 14, 2016

prettiest travel destinations europe zaragoza spain

So you’re planning a holiday to Europe and want to see the prettiest travel destinations without visiting the usual cities like Paris and Rome. I understand completely and like you, have been in this very situation before, which is why I have compiled a list of the prettiest travel destinations in Europe that I have visited. All of these cities are quite diverse in the type of character, culture, architecture and history they offer, however all are equally charming and I could infinity sing their praises! Are you ready to fall in love with the prettiest destinations in Europe?

Pretty travel destination Europe Mdina Malta

Pretty travel destination Europe Mdina Malta













Mdina | Malta

The ancient city of Mdina dates back over 4000 years and was (as it still is) home to Malta’s most noble families, who were descendants of Norman, Sicilian and Spanish overlords. What makes Mdina so beautiful is its narrow, shady streets – which are perfect for getting lost in! Mdina is one of Europe’s best preserved ancient walled cities and sports a number of pretty palaces built in medieval and baroque style architecture.

pretty travel destinations bath england

prettiest travel destinations Europe Bath England

Bath | England

Known for its Roman baths and for being the birthplace of Jane Austen, Bath offers travellers a feast of architectural wonder. Like stepping into an episode of Downton Abbey, Bath’s buildings and Roman-style city layout will show you a kind of elegance that you have never seen before! If that wasn’t reason enough to visit, the delicious buns from the House of Sally Lunn (boasted about by Jane Austen herself) will leave you licking your lips for more!


prettiest travel destinations bordeaux france

Prettiest travel destinations Bordeaux France

Bordeaux | France

Bordeaux, a city located in south-west France and famous for its production of wine (particularly the Bordeaux variation), is a perfect destination for the ultimate relaxed weekend. Rich with art museums, 19th century mansions and public gardens, the city does not disappoint if you are a lover of architecture and all things grandiose. Be sure to check out the amazing reflections of the Miroir d’Eau – it will simply take your breath away!


prettiest travel destinations europe zaragoza spain

Prettiest travel destinations Zaragoza Spain

Zaragoza | Spain

Zaragoza offers an array of historical and cultural sights including ancient Roman baths and theatres, art museums, as well as the first Marian church within Christian civilisation. When visiting Zaragoza, you should not miss out on exploring the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar, the 12th century Moorish palace and all of the amazing UNESCO listed Mudejar architecture.

prettiest travel destinations europe verona italy

Prettiest Travel Destinations Europe Verona Italy

Verona | Italy

The medieval Italian town of Verona is famous for being the setting of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Home to ‘Juliet’s House’, the Adige river and quaint streets, Verona will have you falling in love not only with the town, but also the very notion of love itself.

Prettiest Travel Destinations Europe Capri Italy

Prettiest travel destinations Europe Capri Italy

Capri | Italy

The island of Capri is best known for its bright blue waters, grottos and dramatic coastal cliffs. Not only is Capri the jewel of the Bay of Naples. it is also home to some of the most luxurious hotels, boutiques and landscape views of the Amalfi Coast. Shopping with a view…yes please!

Prettiest travel destinations Europe Edam Netherlands

Prettiest travel destinations Europe Edam Netherlands

Edam | Netherlands

Edam is truly a hidden treasure of the Netherlands. Most people will know of Edam, as being the birthplace of the ever-popular ‘edam cheese’, however this town nestled up close to the IJe river is full of cute terraces, cosy shopping streets and markets. If you plan on visiting Edam, make sure you take a bicycle ride through the country side and into the town centre, where you can sample some delicious cheese.

Please feel free to share your thoughts – I’d love to hear your experiences in these towns! πŸ™‚