Historical sites of the Maltese Islands that you NEED to visit!

historical sites of the maltese islands

So you’ve already heard of why you should visit Malta in my previous post ‘5 Reasons why you need to visit Malta in 2017’ – now it’s time to share with you the top historical sites of the Maltese Islands. This is a post that I’m super excited to share with you because of my love for history and architecture, which both heavily feature in the sites that I have selected to share. So sit back and take note because...

What to see and do in Gozo and Comino

what to see and do in gozo

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to visit my motherland, Malta. To make the most of my trip, I visited all of the Maltese Islands (yes, there is more than one island…not many people actually know. Check out my previous post on ‘5 Reasons why you need to visit Malta in 2017‘ to learn more, it’s pretty interesting!) Whilst I cannot pinpoint my favourite part of the Maltese islands (simply because I loved all of it!), Gozo and Comino...

5 Reasons why you need to visit Malta in 2017

visit Malta - Azure Window

Malta – it’s one of Europe’s smallest islands. Many people travel to Europe to see what I like to call the ‘Hero’ cities – these are places like Italy or France (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – those countries are incredibly beautiful)…but there is totally a reason why Malta is appearing on the travel ‘must-see lists’ of all the big companies (think of guys like Lonely Planet) and why you should definitely visit Malta in 2017. In...