3 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on hiking Cape Banks!

July 2, 2016

When seeing Sydney, most travelers visit the usual landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or Opera House. As a Sydney-sider myself, I believe that the best way to see the sights is on foot. Last week I had the pleasure of seeing one of Sydney’s hidden gems, Cape Banks…and my, did it impress!

Cape Banks

Cape Banks is located in La Perouse in Botany Bay National Park, which is approximately 17kms South East of Sydney CBD. Secluded in amongst native flora, Cape Banks offers some amazing scenic views of sandstone cliffs overlooking the Tasman Sea. Cape Banks has an amazing hiking trail that travels through beaches, forest and sandstone headlands. The hike is approximately 7.3kms round trip and takes about 3 hours to complete. The trail is outlined below –


Arguably, one of Sydney’s best kept natural secrets, here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on hiking around Cape Banks –

1. You will be transported through time – 

Cape Banks is located on and around the Botany Bay area in Sydney, which is the exact location  of where Captain Cook founded the amazing country we call Oz! Throughout the walk, you will see the remains of the bunkers that many soldiers used to defend Sydney in both WWI and WWII. Whilst these bunkers are empty and covered in grafitti, there is a dark and eerie feel about these small concrete fortresses. You can simply imagine the many men crammed into the bunkers talking strategy and defence.

Cape Banks
The inside of a WWII bunker at Cape Banks.
2. You will see plenty of native flora and fauna – 

The trail is surrounded by dense coastal forest, trees and an endangered ecological community, called the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Shrub. The Banksia shrub are now protected under the Threatened Species Conservation Act. There are many small native birds and tree frogs around the area, their noises adding to the hiking experience.

Cape Banks
Banksia Shrub at Cape Banks
3. The coastal sights of the Cape will leave you breathless!

Once you have walked through to the Cape, you can watch the ocean crash against the headline from a top of the cliff. During low tide, you may also see the ship wreck of SS Minmi, a military vessel used in battle during WWII.

Cape Banks
Waves crashing on the Cape Coast

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of Humpback or Southern Right whales  sprouting close to shore, as they migrate to a warmer climate.

Happy Hiking!

Cape Banks
The beautiful Cape Banks coast!