C Loves: Shop Nomadic

September 11, 2017

Shop Nomadic

Hey lovelies,

Welcome to another C Loves post! Sorry about being a bit MIA as of late – I decided to take a bit of a blogging break and focus on planning my next trip to Vietnam, yay!!

I’ll tell you more about my trip to Vietnam later, but for now I wanted to share another amazing brand with you that I am totally loving – Shop Nomadic.

I actually discovered Shop Nomadic via a blogging friend’s Instagram account. I was there in complete lust for her black monogrammed cross body bag and decided to check out where it was from. To my surprise, the Shop Nomadic website had a full range of cute accessories- all of which can be monogrammed πŸ™‚ Now, I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the idea of monogrammed accessories. I can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve wasted searching for my suitcase at the airport (something that a monogrammed luggage case tag could have helped with!), plus they are super cute!

As soon as I checked out about Shop Nomadic’s Instagram account and website, I knew I had to order something! To sort out out the mess in my handbag (yes, my beauty products were scattered everywhere) I ordered a super cute marble beauty case monogrammed with my initials – check it out below! The great thing about this little case, is that it can hold heaps of products, and doesn’t actually take up too much space!

#winningShop Nomadic

The best product I ordered though, had to be the black iPhone 7 case monogrammed with my initials in rose gold – I mean how cute does it look?! The great thing about Shop Nomadic is that the quality of their products are great and they don’t actually break the bank! The fact that the offer rose gold monogrammed products is wonderful too and can make your product totally unique!

Shop Nomadic

If you’re a world wanderer too, be sure to check out the Shop Nomadic travel collection – you’ll instantly fall in love!

Oh and if you’re wondering about speed of delivery and service, I can honestly say that it was out of this world! Mia (the owner) communicated with me via email every step of the purchase and I received my products within three days – how great is that?!

If you’re interested in getting anything from Shop Nomadic (go on, you know you want to – treat yo self!), then visit the Shop Nomadic website and enter in the discount code JOURNEYSOFC for an awesome 25% discount! The discount code is valid from now until the end of September. Happy shopping lovelies xx