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August 3, 2017

Hey guys! I’m super excited to launch a new edition of posts called ‘C Loves’, which allows me to share with my amazing readers (yes, that’s you!) some of the products and/or accessories that I’m loving at the moment. I’m all for sharing my awesome experiences with others – I hope you enjoy it!Β So, you know I’m all about finding those hidden gems, whether it be a destination, activity or product…well, do I have a gem for you! Lately, I’ve been looking for products to help hydrate my skin – yep, winter is pesky and makes it oh, so dry πŸ™ I actually stumbled upon Lux Skin Beauty via Instagram (go on, check out their page here…I know you want to!) and was completely hooked because they too value finding hidden gems for their customers – we’re talking the hidden gems of performance skincare!

After browsing through their range of skincare, I chose to try out some of their newest range – Snow Fox, which is an easy skin care regime put together to achieve natural and clear skin. What I love about Snow Fox (other than it’s adorable logo), is the fact that the products are all natural and 100% vegan, as well as the fact that they are paraben free! Okay, I know exactly what you are thinking – ‘what the hell is a paraben, and why should I care’?! Firstly, a ‘paraben’ is a type of preservative used in both the skincare and cosmetic ranges – you’ll actually find them in most soaps, shampoos and deodorants. The reason these paragons are used in skincare and cosmetic products is to extend their shelf life and to ensure that fungus does not grow inside of the products. Why should you care if a product contains a paraben? Parabens can be directly absorbed into your skin, therefore putting uneccessary chemicals into your system. Increased parabens have actually been linked to loss of skin pigmentation – scary, I know! Anyway, enough of the nerding out – let me tell you about why I’m loving Lux Skin Beauty and their products!

As I was telling you, my skin suffers during winter and becomes super dry – yep, it happens to the best of us! This is why I was on the hunt for an awesome, chemical free product and stumbled upon the Snow Fox range from Lux Skin Beauty. I ordered two products from their three step range (I’ll tell you all about it in a sec!), the Soothing Facial Mousse and the All Day Defense Cream, both of which were AMAZING! As a gift, I also received a bottle of Hydramax Serum from the LOVEISDERMA range! Not only was I super happy with the sample, the ordering process was simple and the shipping was super quick! Anything that means my skin is hydrated quicker, is good in my book! πŸ™‚

The Snow Fox Skin Care Regime

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I have to say that the Snow Fox skin care regime is one of the easiest systems I have undertaken to get clean and dewy skin – it’s only three steps and leaves your skin feeling cool and deeply hydrated. Step 1 of the Snow Fox regime involves using the Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse to remove grease, dirt and impurities from the skin. What I loved about using the Soothing Facial Mousse was the fact that it removed all of my makeup, which I find is super stubborn to get off and it cleansed my skin without stripping too much oil from the surface. I know that most people love that stripped feeling on their face after cleansing – trust me, so do I…but it’s actually no good for naturally dry skin! What I’ve learned from having dry skin is that you need to cleanse to remove the surface dirt and not your natural oils – those oils are actually there to keep the skin firm and maintain elasticity. Besides, not having enough oil in your skin means one thing…wrinkles, which neither you or I want…am I right?!! The great news about this facial mousse is that it is made from organic peppermint oil extract and provides antiseptic protection for the skin, which is great for everyone, but especially those with sensitive skin! I actually love the fact that it is made from peppermint, because of the smell (I’m a lover of all things mint-related!) – it smells quite strongly once the foam is dispensed, but once washed off, it only leaves a subtle hint of minty freshness on the skin – perfect after a morning shower! To apply the Soothing Facial Mousse, simply press down the nose to dispense some foaming, rub in a circular motion on the skin, rinse off and then pat dry.

Step 2 of the Snow Fox skincare regime involves using the All-in-One Detox Mask, which is designed to moisturise, tighten pores and even out skin tone. There is also an amazing arctic breeze version of this mask, which cools the face while moisturising and is perfect after a day of exploring!

Lastly, step 3 of the Snow Fox regime is to hydrate your skin using the All Day Defense Cream. The cream is made from ginseng oil, jojoba and macadamia oil and is used to hydrate the skin, as well as protect it from harmful pollutants. The defence cream is also made from peppermint oil extract, which means that it has that amazing minty fresh smell and leaves the skin feeling cool like the Arctic πŸ™‚ Best of all, the All Day Defense Cream doesn’t leave your skin feeling too greasy or oily – so you apply it as many times as you wish throughout the day!

LOVEISDERMA Hydramax Serum

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As I previously mentioned, I received a goodie from Lux Skin Beauty, which was a cute little bottle of LOVEISDERMA Hydramax Serum. I’ve been totally into serums this winter, as a way to increase the moisture in my skin, so I was so stoked to receive this and couldn’t wait to try it out! The Hydramax Serum is both fragrance and paraben free and is designed to deeply hydrate and restore the skin’s natural moisture. Basically, the serum is made from Sodium Hyaluronate, a salt found numerous connective tissues and increase moisture retention and hydration. The serum adds a protective layer to the skin, protecting it from pollutants and helps to strengthen the skin. I actually loved how light-weight the serum is and how easily it absorbed into my skin. I’ve used a lot of serums that leave you feeling greasy and like an oiled up body builder ready to take on the beach…but this one didn’t – my skin completely drank it up and was left feeling softer and more toned.

Overall, I had a really great experience using the Snow Fox and LOVEISDERMA products. They are easy to use and provide amazing results, which is why they are totally my new staples to take travelling! If you want to know more about these skincare ranges, or perhaps check out some other awesome products, be sure to visit Lux Skin Beauty’s website at luxskinbeauty.com

I hope you liked this edition of ‘C Loves’ and I can’t wait to tell you about more awesome products and accessories that I’m loving!

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