C Loves: Lipsense Lipcolour

August 26, 2017

Hey lovelies,

Welcome to another C Loves post! I’m super excited to tell you guys about a new lipstick that I now can’t live without, called Lipsense. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had the dilemma of buying a brand new spanking lipstick, thinking it would be amazing and somehow, I’m always let down by how quickly it rubs off. Well ladies, if you’re in the same boat, trust me – you’ll just love the lip sense lipstick range! The colour lasts all day and won’t rub off on clothes, when you eat or even when you drink! Just check out my pic below – that was 12 hours after application…I know right, so awesome!










Lipsense is slightly different from a regular lipstick, but once you get used to applying it, you’ll be hooked! Lipsense is applied in a few different stages, the first is applying a couple of coats of the colour on your lips. Make sure you apply it from one end of the lip to the other, without going back and forth. The colour will plump up your lip a little (so for those with thiner lips – it’s great!). Make sure that you let the colour dry before applying the next layer. If you apply the colour slightly outside of your lip line, don’t stress – there is a colour remover called ‘Ooops remover’. All you have to do to use the remover, is simply apply it, as if you were applying a regular lipstick. The final step is to apply a layer of gloss and you’re all set to go πŸ™‚

The cool thing about Lipsense is that you can actually layer colours together to create a new a different shade – there are heaps of awesome colours to choose from!Β The gloss is just as awesome though – it actually contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter, so your lips will be moisturised and won’t dry out with the colour. Just a Β tip though girls, make sure that you use the colour with the gloss, otherwise it won’t work.










For those of you wanting to know,Β I got the Apple Cider colour, which is a great natural shade. The Lipsense Lipstick comes in a set of three that retail for $74 AUD. The set includes your chosen lip colour, the moisturising gloss and the Ooops remover. To pick up a pack, visit Avril Anne Beauty’s website here.

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