The Blogger Edit: Holiday beauty essentials that you need to try!

May 17, 2017

Holiday Beauty Essentials

I’ve had the chance to make some awesome friends blogging and through this, I’ve decided to partner with my favourite bloggers to bring you a new series called ‘The Blogger Edit’. This series will focus on each blogger’s expertise based on their particular genre and how it relates to travel. For this edition, I’ve decided to interview three of my favourite beauty bloggers on what they love about blogging, as well as what their holiday beauty essentials are. If you’re in need of some advice on what products to take with you on your next holiday (because I mean, there are so many products out there and such limited space in your suitcase), then I totally suggest that you keep reading.

What are we waiting for? Get the shopping list ready girls! 🙂


Kez, Acacias’ Dreams

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Kez runs an awesome lifestyle and beauty blog, called Acacia’s Dreams’. She is based in Perth, Western Australia and recently got engaged to her partner of many years – let’s all give Kez a big congrats! 🙂 Kez has a big makeup obsession and I personally love watching her collection grow via Instagram and on her blog. I’m also loving her two adorable spoodle puppies, Charlie and Theo – if you haven’t seen them yet, go check them out (you’re in for a treat!)

Here’s what Kez thought about blogging and her holiday beauty essentials –

C: What do you love about blogging?

Kez: Honestly I love the blogging community! I have gained so many wonderful colleagues, followers and friends through blogging, it has been a wonderful journey. When I first started blogging I was worried that other bloggers would be my competitors, but the community isn’t like that at all and there are some truly spectacular people out there (in the blogosphere) that I wouldn’t have met without my blog.

C: If you could describe your blog in one word (not beauty) what would it be and why?

Kez: “Dreams”

When I first started my blog it was very different from what you see today, back in the beginning it was mostly my favourite recipes and DIY projects, but the dreams aspect of my blog has always remained the same. My blog remains my online space where I am free to speak my mind, and essentially blog about whatever interests me at the time.

C: Where was your last holiday?

Kez: Only last month my fiancé and I took a scenic drive down south Western Australia to a gorgeous little town called Bridgetown, we stayed with my mother for five days. It was a relaxing country/farm stay, with a sneaky massage booked in too!

C: What beauty product is essential for you to take on holiday?

Kez: On my last holiday I really enjoyed using Maybelline’s Colour Drama Lip Pencils.

C: Why do you love this product so much?

Kez: The shade Nude Perfection was by far my favourite and it happened to be the perfect “no fuss” yet classically “done” look that I was after for my recent country holiday! It was so easy to apply, you don’t even need a mirror, and it has a really long wear time, so once it is on you don’t have to worry about it again.


Chloe, Chloe’s Voyage

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Chloe, the founder of Chloe’s Voyage blogs about travel, beauty and style. What I love about Chloe’s blog is that she has a super positive outlook on life and shares this with all of her readers. Chloe gives some wonderful beauty advice, as well as some awesome health and wellness tips. If you’re a lover of flowers and all things French, be sure to check out Chloe’s Voyage – you’ll soon see why 🙂

Here’s what Chloe thought about blogging and her holiday beauty essentials –

C: What has been your biggest blogging achievement to date?

Chloe: My biggest blogging achievement to date would likely be having had the chance to attend the Bloggers United Australia x Lush 2nd Birthday Bash. This was a fantastic event where we (the bloggers) were invited to watch creations being made and select our own free product to take home. I have actually written a whole post about it here.

C: If you could describe your blog in one word what would it be and why?
Chloe: “voyage”
I would choose this word for several reasons. First of all, I’d choose it because it is part of the name – Chloe’s Voyage. There is a reason this word is part of the name – it is integral to what my blog is actually all about. My blog is about literal voyages themselves, travel within Australia and overseas. However, it is also about the metaphorical voyage of my life and the lives of my followers. I write about my experiences and what I have learned along the way, in the hopes of giving my dear readers some life advice and tips that will help them live their best life!
C: Where was your last holiday?
Chloe: My last holiday was to New Zealand. I went there in March, which was an interesting time just at the beginning of Autumn there. I did both the North and South Islands, both of which were stunning in different ways. The South Island is so wild and almost entirely unblemished by the demands of busy-city society. It was a wonder to explore the glaciers, the snow-capped mountains, the fjords and the rainforest-like areas toward the north. The North Island was also stunning in its own way. It gave us more of an opportunity to learn about Maori culture and the history of New Zealand. It also had cities with cool vibes and interesting natural phenomena. I have actually written a few articles about my experience on my blog!
C: What beauty product is essential for you to take on holiday?
Chloe: My favourite beauty product to bring on holiday with me is my Dream Cream from Lush.
C: Why do you love this product so much?
Chloe: I love this product because its uses are so versatile. It is for sensitive skin, and it is thin enough that you can use it on your face (which I did in New Zealand!). In the cold New Zealand weather, my hands got super dry and the Dream Cream was perfect to moisturise my hands. This was really important because in a period of a day or so my skin actually got so cold and dry that it started cracking – crazy! So the cream was perfect. It was so good that my partner Mr Czech used it too for his dry, sore hands! I have actually written a post about it here.

Felicia, thebeautyandthegeekau –

Holiday Beauty Essentials

Meet Felicia, the blogger behind ‘The Beauty and the Geek AU’. I have been following Felicia for quite some time now and have learnt so much about different beauty products from her blog. Being a lover of both science and the beauty industry, Felicia thought that it would only make sense for her to create a science-driven beauty blog as a way to bridge both of her passions. Some of her posts are content-heavy, thought provoking topics, whereas some are lighthearted, fun posts that review products or talk about new releases that are launching. What I love most about Felicia’s blog is the fact that all of her posts give you a REAL take on products and ingredients – no reviews are ever sugar-coated (which is super refreshing if you ask me!)

Here’s what Felicia thought about blogging and her holiday beauty essentials –

C: What key words of wisdom would you give to other aspiring bloggers?

Felicia: Always, always be true to your values and always remember why you started blogging. If you continuously compare yourself to other bloggers, you will lose sight of who you are and why you started it. You’ll want to become more like others and less like yourself. The blogging world needs more ‘uniqueness’ and authenticity, and your readers will immediately recognize how honest and genuine you are if you write and present yourself with integrity.

And lastly, be kind to others. The blogging world has become increasingly catty and competitive in the recent years, the world doesn’t need anymore of it! Be helpful and guide others who seek help with any aspect of blogging. Learn to support one another, after all we are really in this together so we should be doing all that we can to raise each other up. It doesn’t take any effort to be kind and supportive, and you’ll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar!

C: If you could describe your blog in one word what would it be and why?

Felicia: ‘REAL’ – As above, I believe I’ve kept my beliefs, motivations and values in sight throughout my whole blogging journey. I don’t exaggerate or sugar coat anything on my blog and I always make sure I get my info from high quality sources. My blog is REAL for the everyday REAL woman.

C: Where was your last holiday?

Felicia: I went on a truly spectacular 3-week road trip around the West Coast of the US. It was absolutely unbelievable. I saw LA, drove to San Fransisco which has now become my favourite city in the world. I spent days in the famous Heritage listed Yosemite Valley, stayed in 55-60 degree Celsius weather in the Death Valley desert, went on Vegas and finished off with the Grand Canyon, and Phoenix. I’ll never forget the things I saw!

C: What beauty product is essential for you to take on holiday?

Felicia: Moisturiser with SPF! No matter where you go, you need it! Or, opt for a high quality BB cream that will moisturise, provide sun protection and give your complexion and even and natural glow.

C: Why do you love this product so much?

Felicia: It doubles as a daily moisturiser which is absolutely essential to your skin health, whilst also protecting from UV rays whether the sun is out or not, to prevent my skin from photoaging.

I hope you liked this edition of ‘The Blogger Edit’ and have learnt about some awesome new holiday beauty essentials for your next adventure! If you have a particular beauty product that you love taking travelling or simply, just can’t get enough of (let’s face it – we all have that one go-to lip balm), then please let us know by popping a comment below. Also, if there is a particular topic that you would love to cover within ‘The Blogger Edit’ series, then please let me know!

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