10 Best Brunches in Sydney

April 20, 2017

best brunches sydney

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? Lazy mornings followed by an amazing meal and great conversation – all whilst sitting in some killer activewear…yep, it’s my idea of a perfect morning too! It can be hard deciding which cafe to head for that mouth-watering meal (especially if you’re already starting to get hungry), which is why I’ve got you covered! I’ll be sharing my top 10 cafes for the best brunches in Sydney and let me tell you, they will not disappoint!

So, let’s dive in – fork first, shall we?

10. Macchiato, Sydney CBD – 

Best Brunches Sydney
Image credit: http://www.macchiato.com.au

In the heart of Sydney CBD, Macchiato is a rustic Italian cafe and bar operating all day long. The staff are friendly and the cafe has a very relaxed, family feel. The cafe specialise in pizzas, so it’s no surprise that breakfast pizzas are on the menu – I mean, how great is that!

Best for – Large group gatherings

My food pick – Haloumi and Egg Breakfast Pizza


9. Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills –

Best Brunches Sydney
Image credit: http://www.paramountcoffeeproject.com.au

It’s all about the coffee at Paramount Coffee Project. This rustic cafe situated in Surry Hills focuses on providing simple, yet delicious food, as well as an education on the source and journey of the coffee beans poured into your cup. As a lover of all-kinds of coffee, this cafe is a dream for those interested in the art of cultivation and crafting a good cup. With an all day menu containing some classic brunch faves, what’s not to love?!

Best for – Coffee and Coffee bean education

My food pick – Buttermilk fried chicken waffle OR Key Lime Pie Waffle 


8.Culture Bean, Kogarah –

best brunches sydney
Image credit: http://londonerinsydney.com


Open for the traditional morning hours and sporting an industrial exterior, the culture bean brings the goods when it comes to healthy options for brunch. The Culture Bean provides all the traditional favourites, plus one clear winner that is boasted about all over Sydney – the Acai Bowl. For a delicious meal at average prices, The Culture Bean is definitely worth a look!

Best for – Healthy, vegan options

My food pick – The Acai Bowl


7. Urban Bites, Newtown – 


best brunches sydney
Image credit: http://jinandjase.com/

Located on bustling King Street in Newtown, Urban Bites is another fantastic cafe for a lazy brunch. Urban Bites is a trendy cafe serving a mixture of contemporary Australian and European meals. As the only cafe with a terrace, it is beautiful sitting outside in the sunshine and best of all, Urban Bites is dog-friendly 🙂

Best for – European cuisine and dog friendliness

My food pick – Haloumi Burger or Penne Siciliana

6. Cornersmith, Marrickville – 

best brunches sydney
Image credit: https://www.zomato.com/

Cornersmith is a very urban, family-run cafe located in Marrickville, as well as Annandale. Cornersmith offers a simple, yet delicious menu of meals cooked with organic ingredients and pickled in the family’s very own picklery located on the other side of Marrickville. The cafe is open from 7.30am-3.30pm on the weekend, so make sure you get in early because as the name suggests, Cornersmith is located on a corner (meaning that the interior is quite small) and gets busy! don’t let the size of Cornersmith deter you though – the food and coffee is amazing 🙂

Best for – Organic and home-grown produce

My food pick – Soft poached Archerfield farm eggs with white sourdough toast and onion relish. P.S – you should also partner this meal with red cabbage slaw, pickled corn, cucumber, chillies and grapefruit dressing.


5. Rozelle Espresso, Rozelle –

best brunches sydney
Image credit: https://www.google.com.au/

In an old terrace building, Rozelle Espresso serves a range of cuisine and a wonderful cup of Campos espresso. What I loved the most about Rozelle Espresso was the beautiful interior complete with old windows and even a fern wall! My favourite item on the menu was definitely the Brioche French Toast, which was beautifully arranged with berries, edible flowers, caramel syrup and pistachios. I loved it so much, that I could have eaten a second plate! 🙂

Best for – Cafe interior and menu variety

My food pick – Brioche French Toast


4. Bills, Surry Hills – 

best brunches sydney
Image credit: https://i0.wp.com/coffeeteatravels.com/

Formed by an ex-top chef, Bill Granger, Bills restaurant in Surry Hills exudes lively, brunching vibes for people of all ages. Whilst Bills can be a bit pricey for the size of the meals served, you are paying for quality of the food. Let me tell you, all the food on the menu is delicious and well worth every penny – but if you are a big-eater, you may leave wanting more.

Best for – Quality of produce

My food pick – Ricotta hotcakes, banana and honeycomb butter


3. Le Monde Cafe, Surry Hills – 

best brunches sydney
Image credit: http://www.lemondecafe.com.au/

Le Monde Cafe is an award-winning cafe based in Surry Hills and in my opinion, has some of the best food in Sydney. Whilst Le Monde continuously switches up the menu based on the quality of local produce, there are a few signature dishes, such as the Matcha Hotcakes, Confit Pork Belly and Crunchy Potato Rosti that keep customers coming back for more. Despite these meals being the most popular, I’d have to say that my favourite brunch item are the Poached eggs with roasted heirloom tomatoes, avocado, sourdough toast drizzled in truffle oil. I mean, who could possibly go wrong with truffle oil?!

Best for – Overall quality and tastiness of food

My food pick – Truffle Eggs


2. Wicks Park Cafe, Marrickville –

best brunches sydney
Image credit: https://www.broadsheet.com.au/

Wicks Park Cafe is one of my favourite ‘industrial-looking’ cafes in Sydney. In all of my experiences at Wicks Park Cafe, the service staff have been very attentive and know their menu well. Wicks Park Cafe make a mean cup of coffee and in fact, they even roast their own beans!

Best for – Customer service and pastry cabinet

My food pick – Corn and Zucchini fritters with Jalapeño Creme Fraiche 


1. The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria – 

best brunches sydney
Image credit: http://www.ellaslist.com.au/

The Grounds of Alexandria comprises of a quirky, industrial cafe and the ‘grounds’ – which is the courtyard filled with plants and a bunch of farm yard animals. The animals are a hit with children – there is even a pig called ‘Kevin Bacon’. Next to the cafe is also an artisan bakery where customers can watch the bakers create light and fluffy loaf of bread, as well as crafting their own pastries like works of art.

The best part of all is the fact that after your experience at ‘The Grounds’, you can take a piece of it home with you! The laneway between the cafe and courtyard consists of a bunch of stalls selling everything from handmade granolas, to roasted coffee beans and artisan-made ceramics.

Best for – Children, overall brunch atmosphere and farmyard vibes

My food pick – The Breakfast Burger or The Grounds Big Brekkie